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New Coordinator of Asian Waterbird Census for Mainland of China was reappointed by Wetlands International
Editor:WI-China  Time:2012-11-30

Recently, Wetlands International officially reappointed Mr. Zhu Bingrun as the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) Coordinator, to take responsibility for supporting development of the AWC in the region of main land of China.

Mr. Zhu Bingrun is engaged mainly in environmental education and waterbirds survey for Wetlands International-China since 2008, he is involved in bird survey for GEF-Ningbo wetland center program, wildlife census of Sanjiang Plain in Heilongjiang Province for the State Forestry Administration of China (SFA), waterbirds census of Khanka Lake in spring 2012, Red-crowned Crane conservation education in Inner Mongolia and bird resources step-in census of Hei Longjiang for International Crane Foundation. For now, he is working on the master degree of wetland ecology and ornithology in North-east Forestry University.  

The Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) is a part of International Waterbird Census and initiated in 1987, it has now built up an abundant information for waterbird resources evaluation and research. To improve the efficiency of the coordination of the AWC within China, the activities are lead by three coordinators: for the Mainland by Wetlands International-China, for Hong Kong by Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and for Taiwan by the Wild Bird Federation of Taiwan.

The main mission of Asian Waterbird Census Coordinator would be: encourage more institutions, organizations and people take part in the annual census, expand the domestic waterbirds survey network, to provide data for 2013 and future; to collect waterbird count information for the last years 2008-2012.

Contact Information of Mr. Zhu Bingrun
TEL: 010-62058405/62377031
E-mail: zbr@wetwonder.org/ diablobobzhu@yahoo.com.cn

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