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CSG says Guishan power station impact limited
Editor:Source:Global Times  Time:2016-2-19
The wind power station project, which is to be built by China Southern Power Grid Company (CSG) to the west of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, will have a "relatively small impact" on the nearby Chinese white dolphin nature reserve, said the CSG in a written reply it sent to the Global Times on Friday.

The Guangdong Zhuhai Guishan Offshore Demonstration Project, with an investment of 4.2 billion yuan ($639 million), is located on Guishan, an island about 10 kilometers to the west of Lautau Island. The wind power station will cover an area of about 300 hectares and be home to 37 wind-driven generators, the Hong Kong-based Ming Pao newspaper reported on Wednesday.

But concerns have been raised as to whether the project will harm the nearby Chinese white dolphin's habitat in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province.

The Ming Pao newspaper cited the president of the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society as saying that the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge project has forced the habitat to move south, closer to the site for the power plant.

The CSG, however, said in its reply that the minimal distance between the nature reserve and the project is above 2.5 kilometers. Therefore, the project's influence on the reserve is limited. The CSG also took measures including repositioning the wind generators to further reduce the influence to the habitat.

The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department said in an e-mail reply to the Global Times that they did not have detailed information on the project, but based on preliminary information, the cumulative impact to the environment and marine ecology of Hong Kong should be "minimal."

Ming Pao also said that the wind generators' huge wings might generate low-frequency, and would "harass" local residents.

Li Chaolin, an energy expert at China Coal Transportation and Sale Society, told the Global Time that wind power generators do not produce much noise, and are unlikely to bother any residents 10 kilometers away from them.
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