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Environment authority warns of Spring Festival pollution
Editor:Source:Xinhua  Time:2016-2-19
China's Ministry of Environment Protection warned of possible heavy air pollution in Beijing and other northern regions during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

The week-long holiday to observe the Spring Festival will start from Feb. 7.

The ministry suggested the public reduce lighting firecrackers and fireworks, a traditional way to celebrate the festival, which it said may worsen pollution in certain cities or regions.

From Feb. 7 to 10, "moderate to heavy pollution" is predicted for the south and central parts of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city conglomerate as well as central Shaanxi, south Shanxi, west Shandong and north Henan, the ministry said Friday.

Heavy air pollution may also appear in parts of the northeastern region in the period, which will witness a general air quality of "slight or moderate pollution."

Pollution will relieve in these areas beginning Feb. 11, with air conditions indicating "good or slight pollution" across the country.

No serious air conditions are expected in south China during the festival.
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