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Nationwide goose counts in Japan
Editor:EAAFP  Time:2016-2-19

  National Anatidae Census and Monitoring-Site 1000 are the two nationwide surveys of ducks and geese in Japan coordinated by the Ministry of Environment. National Anatidae Census has been conducted since 1972 every year in mid-January and it covers a wide range of wintering sites. Monitoring-Site 1000 is another long term monitoring project. It surveys various ecosystems, and Anatidae are counted in 80 lakes, including wintering and staging sites. Both surveys provide a good overview of Anatidae population in Japan. However, for some species they are insufficient to track the detailed seasonal change in distribution or population size.

  To account for such weakness of these two surveys, coordinated volunteer counts are performed for the Greater White-fronted Goose and Brent Goose in Japan. Below, the two coordinators of these voluntary surveys report their vision. Hopefully these surveys can be expanded across the flyway in the near future.

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