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7 captured in illegal wildlife trade in northeast China
Editor:CCTV  Time:2015-9-23
Police have captured seven suspects involved in a large-scale illegal wildlife trading ring in northeast China.

A large number of illegal wildlife goods, including bear paws and antlers, were found at suspects' home. According to the police, the bear paws found in the trade alone were worth 300,000 yuan on the black market.

"We found a total of more than 30 bear paws, weighing about 100 kilos. This is a bear paw from a brown bear weighing around 4 kilos, which is worth 10,000 yuan on the black market," said Chen Yejun, a police officer from the Qiqihar Forest Public Security Bureau.

Police found a great number of endangered species killed during illegal hunting. According to Chen, all these illegal wildlife goods weighed about 250 kilograms.

Chen said they received a tip in June last year that someone was selling bear paws and other wildlife in Qiqihar of Heilongjiang province, northeast China. Through investigations, they found the vendor acquired his goods from a supplier outside Heilongjiang province.

"We learned that the suspect obtained bear paws from Inner Mongolia and Jilin province," said Chen.

Police spent a year investigating the case and detained the seven suspects in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region respectively. The suspects have plead guilty and are currently in custody. The case remains under investigation.
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