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Authorities take measures to deal with peak flood in southwest China province
Editor:CCTV  Time:2015-9-18
Local flood control authorities have taken measures to ensure the safety of vessels as flood with debris peaked at a section of the Yangtze River in Luzhou city in southwest China's Sichuan Province on Monday morning.

According to hydrological information from flood control departments, the water level at the Luzhou section of the river climbed to as high as 7.8 meters at 8:00 on Saturday, 8.4 meters at 8:00 on Sunday, and then reached 9.8 meters at 8:00 on Monday, achieving a record high in this year's flood season.

The Luzhou Waterway Bureau initiated its flood-control contingency plan on Sunday to ensure the safety and normal sailing of vessels on waterways. A total of 16 buoy boats have been dispatched.

Guo Chunjie, captain of the bureau, has been on call 24 hours with his crew members to clear the debris on the waterways.

A large amount of debris including bamboos, sticks, rattan grasses and tree roots floated to the section of the river due to the rise in water level, and will affect the normal operation of navigation ships.

Currently, local flood control and maritime departments have demanded that the maritime offices at the district and county levels close all ferries in the section and launch a thorough check on the towing lines of barges to ensure the safety of vessels and passengers.

In addition, shipping docks, shipyards and hydraulic projects have ceased operations.
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