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Brochure ‘Waterbird Paradise, Incheon’ updated
Editor:eaafp news   Time:2015-9-6
One of the EAAFP publications – the brochure Waterbird Paradise, Incheon – has been updated after consultation with experts.

Waterbird Paradise, Incheon was first produced about two years ago, to publicise the importance of tidal flats in Incheon, Republic of Korea.

The main changes are:

  1. Satellite pictures and habitat conditions are updated to reflect the increase in reclaimed areas in Incheon.
  2. Some new areas have been added to the list of waterbird habitats and others have been divided into smaller units.
  3. In the new brochure, English and Korean texts are separated for better readability.

We hope this updated brochure will continue to raise awareness of the importance of Incheon Tidal Flats.

  • To download Waterbird Paradise, Incheon, please click here.
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