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Wetlands International China protection side event successfully held on COP12 .
Editor:WIC  Time:2015-6-15

Chinese government delegates actively paticipated in all the agenda and held the Chinese side event of publicizing and demonstrating the Wetlands Protection achievement on the third day of COP12,2015.6.3. 42 organizations and nations attended this meeting, including Dr Ania Grobicki, Deputy Secretary General of wetland convention; Jane Madgwick, CEO of Wetlands International, Anada Tiéga, former secretary general of wetland convention; Dr Matin from Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust of UK; Professor Gea Jae Joo,, Wetland Conservation Awards winner of COP this year.

All the representatives showed great interest in China's side event. Mr Anada who is the former secretary general of wetland convention, head of the Pakistan delegation and other members admired and evaluated China's Wetlands protection measures highly."China's wetlands protection measures provides a model for developing countries. We hope China could hold more side events to let more countries to understand the practice of Chinese wetland protection", said Anada. Some of the representatives hoped to dive into more details on the situation of Wetlands Protection in China, and expressed the hope to visit and learn Chinese national wetland park construction and international important wetland management.

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