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The 16th Meeting of the Goose Specialist Group Held in Beijing
Editor:WI  Time:2014-11-27

The 16th meeting of the Goose Specialist Group is hosted by Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, on behalf of the Goose Specialist Group of Wetlands International and IUCN on 22th-25th November 2014 in Beijing.The meeting provides the attendees with good opportunities for bird watching activities and for learning the latest progress of goose studies all over the world. The meeting consists of two and a half days of talks and posters, and a short visit to Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve within the Yangtze River floodplain, from the afternoon of 25th to 27th.

The theme of this meeting is to research, monitoring and conservation. The current status of global wild geese research and protection is clarified, and species priorities for research and conservation got identified. The cooperation platform establishment of geese conservation and research of the East Asian flyways was discussed as well.

The key issues of this meeting are: research, monitoring and conservation.Review the goose status in the world and ID research and conservation priorities. Give introduction on monitoring projects and discuss how to set up a monitoring platform in our flyway for Anatidae.Give introduction on how to achieve better conservation on the ground via government/NGO/scientists and help us set up similar system in East Asia.


On behalf of Wetlands International, Prof. Chen Kelin, director of Wetlands International-China was invited to give a speech at opening ceremany of this meeting. Mr. Lu Yong, Senior Technical Officer of Wetlands International-China made a presentaion on Strengthening Monitoring of Geese and Other Waterbirds through Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) Programme on the first day of the meeting.

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