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Wetlands International awards Staff Medal of Excellence to Daniel Blanco and Ritesh Kumar
Editor:WI  Time:2014-9-26

Wetlands International awarded the Staff Medal of Excellence to two individuals on Monday. Daniel Blanco of Argentina and Ritesh Kumar of India are recognised for special achievement amongst Wetlands International’s global staff.

As part of its 60 year anniversary celebration, Wetlands International awarded its Staff Medal of Excellence at an evening reception on Monday 22 September in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This is the fourth in a series of triennial awards of excellence to recognise outstanding contribution to wetland science and conservation by staff.

Jane Madgwick, CEO of Wetlands International stated that due to the long-time contributions of both Daniel and Ritesh, they were both highly deserving of the award.

“Not only has Ritesh taken the Wetlands International South Asia programme forward in a remarkable way, but he has made great contributions to our global success with his work on wetlands and health and disaster risk reduction. He has transformed the way we use economics and inspired the entire organisation to follow in his path,” said Madgwick.

“Daniel’s dedication for 23 years – starting as a part-time staff person – has resulted in an impressive body of achievements across the Americas. The fact that Wetlands International is highly valued in Latin America is due to Daniel’s credibility and fantastic work in places such as the Parana Delta in Agrentina and engagement with stakeholders, governments and corporates,” said Madgwick.


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